The Purpose and Goal of Prioritization

By Tim Washington, Point B Prioritization is about focus—where to assign resources and when to start the work. It is not about scoring methods and ranking mechanisms.  Without defining project priorities, it is difficult to effectively distribute personnel to carry out the highest valued projects. Project priorities enable management to assign their employees to the most important projects. Gaylord Wahl Read more about The Purpose and Goal of Prioritization[…]

Strengthen Talent Management With PPM

By Tim Washington, Point B Is It Just About Talent Acquisition? When people refer to the “war for talent” many discussions center on talent acquisition and try to answer the question “how do we hire the best people?” Although talent acquisition is important, talent development and retention are also very important (you want to keep those great people Read more about Strengthen Talent Management With PPM[…]

Dangers Of Relying On Purely Financial Methods When Prioritizing Your Projects

by Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP – president and founder of Thinktank Consulting   There are many different approaches to project prioritization, but the most popular ones are the financial method and the scoring model. In this posting let us examine the financial methodology. In a nutshell it implies choosing some kind of a financial criterion – be it Read more about Dangers Of Relying On Purely Financial Methods When Prioritizing Your Projects[…]