Integrated IT Portfolio Management In Digital Age

By Dinesh Sheshadri, Cloudbyz As digital transformation reshaping the enterprises across the industries, IT leaders recognize the need to innovate more, manage uncertainty better and establish more agility. However, they have to do this while simultaneously running the business and hitting regular performance goals, which is where both traditional and agile capabilities are crucial. But the Read more about Integrated IT Portfolio Management In Digital Age[…]

The App Gap and Shadow IT

By Tim Janisch, QuePro Advisors What is the App Gap, beyond a fun expression?  Today’s post looks at the issue of the APP GAP, an issue we touched on previously. We are well into the App Revolution, with all types of organizations effectively using apps to better engage customers, reaching them were they are, providing timely Read more about The App Gap and Shadow IT[…]

Portfolio Reports – Portfolio Bubble Charts

By Tim Washington, Point B This is the third post in a series on portfolio management reports. In the first post, we reviewed introductory portfolio management reports that convey the basic dimensions of the portfolio. In the second report we reviewed treemaps and advanced pareto charts that can help identify outlier projects worthy of more Read more about Portfolio Reports – Portfolio Bubble Charts[…]

Improve Portfolio Health By Avoiding Two Portfolio Management Extremes

Two Simple Questions You can measure your general portfolio health with two simple questions: 1) Do you approve all or almost all of your projects? 2) Are you approving so few projects that people would say you are “cutting to the bone”? These are two portfolio management extremes that we will examine in this post. Read more about Improve Portfolio Health By Avoiding Two Portfolio Management Extremes[…]

Project Portfolio Model

by Jamal Moustafaev, MBA, PMP – president and founder of Thinktank Consulting    The next company to be discussed in our ongoing project portfolio management series is a rail transport engineering company that has encountered several challenges in the past several years. The organization has been reporting heavy losses from its operations for the past decade with Read more about Project Portfolio Model[…]