Spreading smiles one step at a time !!!

Team Cloudbyz got together for the most fulfilling time spent on Nov 6th at Samarthanam Trust – an organization for the differently-abled located at HSR Layout, Bangalore. The officer on duty at the Trust was very warm and explained about the early days of the institution and the Himalayan strides they have made with the Read more about Spreading smiles one step at a time !!![…]

Protocol Amendments – Causes, Impact and Strategies

  Introduction Protocol plays a central role in the efficient execution and completion of a clinical trial. Any change to the agreed protocol that affects the safety of subjects, scope and quality of study is considered unavoidable. These changes result in delays in Study timelines, lower patient retention rates, Site burdens, impending costs etc.. According Read more about Protocol Amendments – Causes, Impact and Strategies[…]

5 Key Challenges to Site Payments

Sites play a very critical role in Clinical Trials and it’s very important that they get paid in a  timely manner for the services they render. However, numerous surveys have shown that sites participating in studies face huge challenges related to timely payments leading to low satisfaction scores by sites on Sponsors and CROs. According Read more about 5 Key Challenges to Site Payments[…]

Best Practices and Assumptions for Clinical trial Budgeting

Developing a new medication is a tedious process and costs of clinical research are constantly on the rise. These are the main reasons for the decreasing trend in the number of filings with the FDA. In ten years from 2003 to 2012, the average number of filings for novel drugs has decreased from 30 to Read more about Best Practices and Assumptions for Clinical trial Budgeting[…]

Dynamic culture drives innovation

Culture is the way people treat each other, day in and day out, working as a team towards a common goal. These are not a list of hard rules to be followed but they are the values to be implemented. The best company’s culture is where employees are released from stress and perform well at Read more about Dynamic culture drives innovation[…]

Verily’s Project Baseline is modernizing clinical trials

Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet inc. and the sister company of Google Inc. has initiated Project Baseline, with the aim to leverage the collaboration of clinical research and clinical care providers to develop proactive healthcare tools and services. Verily is partnered with Pfizer, Sanofi, Novartis and Otsuka to explore the opportunities in cardiovascular disease, oncology, Read more about Verily’s Project Baseline is modernizing clinical trials[…]

Cloudbyz’s Positive Step Towards Green Earth

World environment day was celebrated by Cloudbyz at the SeedBall Creation drive organized by Saytrees on Sunday, 9th June 2019. Our employees aka Nature lovers took time out of their weekend and gathered to support a cause, “SeedBall creation Drive” an easy and sustainable way of increasing the green cover. One lakh seed balls were Read more about Cloudbyz’s Positive Step Towards Green Earth[…]

8 Key Challenges to Clinical Trial Budgeting

Bringing a new drug to the market is an expensive venture and can take up to 10 to 15 years from discovery to launch. Clinical trial costs are increasing and so is the complexity of managing it. According to the Tufts CSDD March 2019 Report, Sponsors are spending more on CROs for developing new medicines Read more about 8 Key Challenges to Clinical Trial Budgeting[…]

Virtual Trials – Benefits and Challenges

Virtual trials are otherwise called Siteless trials done partly or on the whole virtually. The mobile device or wearable sensors such as a phone, watch, or even glasses can be used to collect the medical data in the clinical research study. Patients are treated via Telemedicine and Medical devices. Healthcare providers can evaluate, diagnose and Read more about Virtual Trials – Benefits and Challenges[…]