Dynamic Culture Drives Innovation

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Culture is the way people treat each other, day in and day out, working as a team towards a common goal. These are not a list of hard rules to be followed but they are the values to be implemented. The best company’s culture is where employees are released from stress and perform well at work.

Work may be difficult or mundane, culture should not add more stress to work. Every employee wants their workplace to be enjoyable, stress-free and feel happy to go to every day. Moreover, we work in an open workspace and are given the privilege to move around unlike cubicles.

Individual Growth

Cloudbyz follows a dynamic culture providing as many opportunities to its employees to grow individually. Leaders ensure that each person is excelling in the field appropriate to them. Appreciation and rewards are highly motivating and come a long way towards completion of tasks.

Freedom of Creativity

The company supports learning. Employees are allowed for continued education certification specific to their interests. Employees at Cloudbyz are allowed to work in their own creative approach and are given the privilege to follow and develop on it. Any idea budding in their minds can be put across with an ease of execution.

Ease at work

Happy employees reflect a productive company and highlight the culture followed. Cloudbyz allows you to work from home or remotely as and when you please. This way there is higher productivity and increased work-life balance for every person.

Follow your passion

The firm does not follow hard rules by restricting any employee with the same type of work that they were initially performing. Employees are allowed to switch between different types of work and analyze them and follow their passion.

Fun at work

Leaders here ensure that the team is connected, is collaborative and working in harmony with each other. Timely outings, luncheons, dinners, Cultural events, Sports events are organised to keep the employees engaging and willing to do better each day.

Social responsibilities

Cloudbyz is bound to help social and global communities through the Pledge 1% global movement to give back to society and bring a positive impact through Philanthropic activities.

“As long as you love to come to the office on a Monday, you Enjoy your work”. At Cloudbyz the dynamic cultural environment is driving the vision to reinvent enterprise applications in the cloud delighting our customers to transform their organizations.

Mythri Raghunandan

Clinical Research Specialist

Cloudbyz Inc.

Email: mythri.raghunandan@cloudbyz.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mythri-raghunandan-578605105/

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