Why Did a Mega Information Services Company Approach Cloudbyz?

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Cloudbyz has a proven track record of value addition to customers in Sales Performance Management. Similarly, we were approached by an information service company with a requisite for a sales performance solution. The company faced challenges with the management of performance, budgeting and sales incentive distribution and therefore required our help for implementing an effective solution.

Client Introduction:

Our client is engaged in providing professional information and software solutions to varied industries including healthcare, governance, risk & compliance, and legal & regulatory sectors, among others. 

The client’s group serves customers in over 180 countries with global operations in over 40 countries. As of date, our client has a resource strength of approximately 19,000 employees worldwide.

Constraints Faced by the Client:

Our client operates in ~180 countries with multiple sales organizations, sales plans, and hundreds of sales representatives. Cloudbyz realized that our client faced several functional challenges resulting in unstructured sales management and incentive payouts. The major issues were:

  • Reconciliation challenges due to multiple systems
  • Delayed forecasting hampering sales budgeting
  • Integration between application and systems 
  • Data portability between several systems at different geographies
  • Calendar intricacies
  • Complex product trees, etc.

The sales leadership team required a significant strategic tool i.e. consolidated and drill down view of sales and compensation, used to increase sales.

These complexities led to data mismatch,  manual reconciliation, complex data portability, lack of consolidated data visibility, underachieving sales operations KPIs, and less than the desired sales team motivation.

Solutions Delivered by Cloudbyz:

After a thorough analysis using Cloudbyz Insight baselining methodology, we proposed an end-to-end implementation plan of  Xactly  Sales performance management (SPM) which included planning, managing, incenting, analyzing, forecasting, integrating it with salesforce CPQ and SAP ERP and migration of legacy systems to Incent solutions.

We successfully executed the migration of legacy applications, automated data transformations, and built business workflows and leadership-worthy dashboards. 

Cloudbyz delivered the first instance in just four months!

The Final Results:

Our implementation services benefited  our client in two ways: 

The management benefitted from real-time precise commission analysis leading to budget accuracy. It also supported spontaneous payments of planned incentives. Role-based dashboards and drill-downs enabled effective monitoring and comparative analysis. Overall it resulted in dynamic compensation leading to higher performance.

On the other hand, our client’s sales representatives benefited from increased sales productivity. 

It also enabled sales representatives to see their incentives, credits, and quota attainments in near real-time.

Benefits to the management

Benefits to the sales representatives

Real-time precise commission analysis

Increased sales productivity

Spontaneous payments of planned incentives

Near real-time access to incentive, credits, and quota 

Role-based dashboards

Trust building

Cloudbyz is a cloud-based, salesforce-built clinical trial solution provider to the life science industry delivering intuitive, flexible, and scalable products with rapid deployment functionality.

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