Abhijit Joshi

Abhijit Joshi

A Letter to Our Industry1 min read



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Mythri Raghunandan

Patient Enrollment and Retention Challenges in Clinical Trials

A successful clinical trial depends on effectively enrolling and retaining participants. As the study progresses from Phase 1 to Phase 3 the number of participants required increases.Research shows that 9 out of 10 trials would not meet enrollment goals in a stipulated time which results in delays in finding new and better medication…

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Srinivas Sashidhar K

Artificial Intelligence – Critical Prerequisite of Clinical Trials

A vast majority of researchers and specialized tech startup companies have started investing in developing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to serve the pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, which is believed to transform the clinical trial process. But what exactly is the main outcome of AI?The buzz around AI

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Clinical Research
JeyaMani Maran

How Chatbots Can be Employed in Clinical Trials?

Healthcare industry as a whole is now looking to better engage with patients using bots, where, the patients care aspect is being automated. The impersonal nature of the bots has a benefit in various situations, wherein a real doctor is not needed. In many cases, patients are more transparent to these chatbots than they are…

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