Abhijit Joshi

Abhijit Joshi

A Letter to Our Industry1 min read



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Clinical Research
JeyaMani Maran

How Chatbots Can be Employed in Clinical Trials?

Healthcare industry as a whole is now looking to better engage with patients using bots, where, the patients care aspect is being automated. The impersonal nature of the bots has a benefit in various situations, wherein a real doctor is not needed. In many cases, patients are more transparent to these chatbots than they are…

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Mythri Raghunandan

Five Ways to Avoid FDA Warning Letters Through Automated CTMS Solution

The violations of regulatory compliance may lead to the issue of a Warning Letter FDA WARNING LETTER AND FDA FORM 483. Over the recent years, most of these warning letters are due to non-compliance or negligence in the audit trail documentation practices.The means no backdating records, which the agency has noted as a problem in the past.

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Patient Recruitment
Dinesh Kashyap

Solutions to Improve Patient Enrollment and Retention in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential for developing new treatments, to understand the efficiency and safety of the drugs to be used for treating Patients. People should be encouraged to participate in clinical trials as they are going to be a part of the innovation which in turn will help a huge population of suffering patients. In…

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