Dinesh Kashyap

Dinesh Kashyap

FDA Chooses Box for Cloud Content Management1 min read

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reportedly selected Box’s cloud content management platform to modernize its technical infrastructure and drive new ways to work in the cloud. With Box, the FDA is furthering its IT innovation strategy to digitize business processes and envision new ways to engage with the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

FDA IT leadership, tasked with modernizing its technology infrastructure and re-imagining how the FDA works with the life sciences industry, selected Box to:

• Improve external collaboration with third party organizations, including external experts, and supporting audits, discoveries and reviews;
• Digitize and automate processes leveraging Box as a central content portal where staff can easily collaborate and share materials internally and with external parties;
• Reduce complexity of infrastructure by eliminating fragmented content and document management tools; and
• Provide the FDA with added cybersecurity control and administrative capabilities necessary to govern and protect sensitive information at scale.
Cloudbyz has built electronic trial master file (eTMF) to collaborate in clinical research between sponsors, CRO and clinical sites. Cloudbyz eTMF leverages Box to store content. Cloudbyz eTMF creates TMF folder structure with button and enables better organization of content as per DIA TMF structure.

Credit: clinical informatics news



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