Clinical Trial Management System

Manage trial operations, collaborate with study partners, and view real-time data all in one place.


Clinical Trial Management System

Cloudbyz offers innovative, integrated and digital Clinical Trial Management solutions on the Salesforce 1 cloud platform for sponsors, clinical research organizations (CRO) and clinical sites. Cloudbyz CTMS is flexible and scalable to enable to manage and collaborate on clinical trial operations while the intuitive, straightforward design allows rapid deployment with a very intuitive and easy to use cloud based solution. Cloudbyz CTMS helps to manage sites, enrollment, documents, events, milestones, site visit reports, finances, inventory, etc.

Cloudbyz CTMS enables a centralized trial management database for all investigators, provides users with relevant and timely information, delivers trial information to clinical research associates and managers, enables clinical trial sponsors to collect and track all relevant data and facilitates communications to the study team.

Product Features

Account Management

Manage all business parties and business entities involved in the study including Sponsors, IRB, CRO, Central and Regional Labs and Clinical Sites.

lnvestigator Database

Manage investigators and contacts in a central location with up-to-date information about studies participated in the past, specialization, credentials, location, and the ability to mass email.

Study Management

Easily setup, track and manage any number of clinical trials and studies and visualize studies based on phase, type, therapeutic area, indication and sponsors etc.

Budget Management

Easily setup, track and manage study level budgets based on service lines and activity based costing. Create, track and manage site specific budgets.

Site Management

Provides capabilities to setup, track and manage site, evaluation, assessment and selection initiation/ greenlight process. Real-time site performance tracking.

Subject Management

Provides capabilities to track subject enrollment to specific sties, studies, regions, or protocol. This capability includes subject visit scheduling and related document tracking.

Subject Visit

Set Up subject visits, procedures and payment plans based on protocols and negotiated budgets. Our solution auto-generates visits as per the visit plan, and schedules them on a site calendar.

Monitoring Reports

Provides capabilities for clinical organizations to build trip report templates incorporating Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and the company’s own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Project Management

Enables the project management team to manage tasks, activities, and resources efficiently. Enable effective management of site visits and administration as well as investigator assessments.


Provides capabilities to track payments and invoices, and roll-up payments automatically to site level, region level, study level and provide planned vs. budget for real-time budget management.

Protocol Deviation

Provides capabilities to track protocol deviations in real-time with workflow alerts. Can be setup to notify site staff, monitors and CRA in real-time.

Adverse Events

Provides capabilities to track Adverse Events (AE) and Serious Adverse Events (SAE) and help real-time notification and tracking. Also supports real-time reporting to AERS service.


Provides capabilities to track and manage case report forms (CRF) and eCRF. Built-in eCRF with templates, CRFs can be designed just with data setup no programming required.


Our solution provides capabilities to track investigational products (drug and device) accountability in real-time; including inventory and shipment tracking.


Integrated eTMF provides capabilities to upload, organize and track trial master files in real-time. Automatic creation of eTMF structure based on DIA supports drag and drop file upload and approval workflow.

lnvestigator Portal

Integrated investigator portal to collaborate between clinical sites, CRO and sponsors in real-time on study details, collect documents, subject enrollment, payments etc.

Drug & Device Accountibility

Our solution provides capabilities to track investigational products (drug and device) accountability in real-time; including inventory and shipment tracking.

Real-Time Analytics

Our solution provides the ability to track clinical operational reports and dashboards with drill-down to data records. Gain visibility on data collected and review data for quality and consistency without delays.

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