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Cloudbyz eConsent replaces the paper based informed consent document with interactive, multi-media enabled and template driven informed consent on mobile devices. The Cloudbyz eConsent solution includes template based and multimedia approaches for the presentation of information and feedback mechanisms to test and reinforce participant comprehension. Prospective participants can still read the text of the informed consent document on the device, but the interactive properties of the platform allow them to access additional explanatory materials.

Cloudbyz eConsent solution offers participants the chance to review materials as often as they wish, giving them time to reflect on their choices over time. In advance of conversations with staff, prospective and active participants can bookmark any aspects of the study they may wish to discuss further.

Product Features


Cloudbyz eConsent supports including multimedia content as part of the informed consent.

Template Based

Cloudbyz eConsent solution is based on templates which enables sequence of items and can be setup based on best practices.


Patients can navigate each section of the informed consent, ask questions, save it for later and continue when they are ready.

Document Management

Cloudbyz eConsent supports electronic signature and converts eConsent responses to electronic documents. Eliminate common errors in paper consent like wrong versions and bad signatures.

Real-Time Management

Real-time reporting and visibility on how patients read and understand consent documents.


Cloudbyz eConsent is cloud based and runs on tablets, phones, desktops, and more. Study team can provide their own devices or patients can use their own.

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