Electronic Case Report Form

Reduce human error, easily integrate to EDC systems, and reduce trial timelines.


Electronic Case Report Form

Cloudbyz eCRF replaces the paper based case report form with electronic, configurable and template driven eCRF to collect data in electronic format on mobile devices. The Cloudbyz eCRF solution includes template based approaches for the presentation of information in an easy way to interact.

Cloudbyz eCRF solution offers clinical researchers the chance to design, setup and collect clinical study data in electronic format. Reduce data processing and study administration time and for your clinical staff, maintain process and data integrity and simultaneously create efficiencies for your site users.

Product Features


Cloudbyz eCRF is flexible to configure case report forms (CRF) based on study requirements easily generate CRF forms based on template. eCRF is fully data driven and no need of programming.

Template Based

Cloudbyz eCRF solution is based on templates and data setup and doesn't require programming or development. Setup eCRF template by entering data such as type, validation rule, dependency, sequence etc.


Clinical staff can navigate each section of eCRF questions and checklist step by step with structured easy to use navigation and submission. Data entry screens can exactly match paper eCRFs.

API Enabled

Cloudbyz ePRO built on industry leading Salesforce Cloud platform which is open API enabled easy integration with clinical data systems, EDC, CTMS and IVR.

Visualize Data in Real-Time

Real-time reporting and data visualization on CRF data with ability to drill-down to review data for quality checks.


Cloudbyz eCRF is cloud based and runs on tablets, phones, desktops and more. Study team can provide their own devices or patients can use their own.

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