Investigator Portal

Collaborate in real-time with sites and sponsors, manage essential documents, and achieve efficiency all from one location.


Investigator Portal

Clinical trial sponsors and research sites are required to use many different websites and maintain multiple login accounts to perform clinical trial responsibilities and communicate with study sponsors. Investigators and site personnel spend hundreds of hours performing redundant tasks across multiple sponsors and systems. Most trial technologies hinder investigator efficiency and breed frustration.

Cloudbyz Investigator Portal solution provides a single platform to deliver content and services to Investigator Sites, and provide a single point of access for interaction with participating sites.

Product Features

eTMF Documents

Single source for sponsors, CROs and investigator sites to submit and access documents.

Subject Visit Schedule

Real-time visibility to subjects and subject visit activities and schedule.

Monitoring Visit Schedule

Better collaboration and planning in monitoring visits coordination for accurate and efficient monitoring reports.


Submit real-time payment requests and monitor payment status.


Collaborate more effectively in real-time to achieve better productivity with study team.

AE & Protocol Deviation

Report, track and manage Adverse Events and Protocol Deviations in real-time and take appropriate action.

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