R&D Project Portfolio Management

Gain visibility, insight, and control across research and development portfolios.


R&D Project Portfolio Management

Cloudbyz R&D Portfolio Management solution helps organizations gain visibility, insight and control across research and development portfolios. The solution provides the tools to properly align resources, projects and goals, optimizing business strategy and performance. Cloudbyz R&D PPM enhances decision-making, maximizes resource utilization, and increases operational efficiency.

Organizations that don’t have tightly integrated PPM typically collect data through meetings, e-mails and other manual methods, then copy or paste it into the PPM system. This approach is slow, error-prone, and unnecessary. With the Cloudbyz solution, real-time visibility gives stakeholders reliable information about the status of projects in motion and allows executives to confidently allocate resources to future research & development projects.

Cloudbyz R&D PPM provides real-time visibility into the current state of organizational initiatives, resources and spending through the centralized collection of data from multiple sources and perspectives. Integration across multiple research and development process domains through PPM functions provides multi-dimensional views of this data for better visibility and understanding of resource supply versus demand in research & Development. Cloudbyz R&D PPM also enables executive action and decision making.

Product Features

Portfolio Selection

Project selection is at the heart of R&D portfolio management. Picking the right projects is a critical and complex process, which means you need the right tools to help you solve problems. Cloudbyz R&D PPM offers you best-practice capability, integrated in a top-to-bottom end-to-end solution.

Business Case

Minimizes your portfolio definition efforts by providing you with standard metrics for evaluating investments, including NPV, ROI, etc. Compare investment requirements, growth opportunities and risk factors, according to the business unit, product/project.


Whether the ranked list feeds operations or is used as part of the portfolio prioritization process, Cloudbyz R&D PPM provides a flexible, powerful project prioritization capability that allows you to rank projects using the metrics that drive your business.

Budget Management

Combines the ease of early-stage budgeting through top-down allocation with the accuracy of true cost and true benefit analysis for portfolio performance assessment.

Scenario Planning

Test alternative assumptions, explore what-if questions, manage uncertainty and compare strategic options.

Portfolio Management

Tracks the aggregate costs and work for a portfolio item, enabling detailed tracking of total cost of ownership and visibility into resources as an investment type. Tracks project health by risk, schedule and cost with real-time analytics and reporting.

Project Management

The list view allows you to see as many, or as few, projects as required. Sort according to portfolio, project type, priority or any of the other parameters that are deemed important to your organization.

Risk Management

Provides ability to report project health by risks and issues. Risks are captured, evaluated and scored, allowing managers to focus on those with the highest impact and probability. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Visualize the workloads of whole departments, projects and individuals to identify bottlenecks and reallocate resources.

Resource Management

Visualize the workloads of whole departments, projects and individuals to identify bottlenecks and reallocate resources. Consider priorities against delivery objectives by running scenarios to show the impact of decisions.

Strategic Management

Defend core markets, target new niches or support value engineering exercises by comparing the balance of important project attributes.

Configurable Management

Powerful and configurable scorecards for evaluating, ranking and prioritizing early stage projects on equal terms, even before you have any hard numbers in place

Reports & Dashboards

Live dashboards bring visibility and control to your entire portfolio pipeline, enabling you to prioritize projects and monitor milestones / KPIs in real time.

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