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For over 15 years, the Studies in Dermatology has been serving patients with cutting edge new treatments for various dermatological and infectious diseases.


Studies in Dermatology were using excel to track subject visits, and were having problems with pre-screening and booking appointments for visits. Their operational processes were time consuming and error prone, and wanted a solution to manage participants effectively.


Cloudbyz implemented our innovative patient recruitment solution, including volunteer profile/participant lead, a pre-screen functionality, as well as an appointment booking functionality. In addition to this, the Studies in Dermatology team were able to view participant data in one centralized location and collaborate in real-time with team members.


Through our patient recruitment solution, Studies in Dermatology were able to make appointment booking and pre-screening easier for participants. The solution also made it easier to manage from the study team side, with the team now able to login to one portal to view real-time information, and collaborate with colleagues with minimal delay.

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