Study Start-up

Collaborate effectively and speed up time to site activation.


Study Start-up

Cloudbyz built the Study Start-up solution on the Salesforce Cloud platform to accelerate study start-up and activation. The solution provides the ability to: track site performance metrics, profile, perform feasibility surveys and via Portal, provides a centralized location for accessing and sharing all study-level information. Registration process for CRA and investigators to participate in the study and cases for inquiry management. Chatter based collaboration forum to discuss and collaborate around study between investigators and study coordinators. Directories with contact information for all study personnel including external vendors. Study library serves as a repository for study-related training tools and documents. Study news updates and alerts. Supply order/reorder forms.

Product Features


Increase productivity and collaboration with centralized collaboration for all study participants.

Document Manegement

By disseminating and viewing key documents through the portal, participants can ensure that the latest version of study documentation is being utilized.

Participation lnquiry

Real-time participation inquiry and workflow automation to route inquiries to selection process.

Site Performance Metrics

Combines the ease of Track site details such as revenue, staff, equipment, etc. including performance metrics based on past trial executions covering adverse events rate, IRB approval turn around, protocol review, CDA turn around, etc.

Feasibility Assessment

Setup feasibility templates and send out feasibility assessment surveys on-line with real-time access to survey responses to speed up feasibility assessments and site activation.

Site Profile

Track comprehensive site profile by integrating various data sources and enrollment performance to shorten cycle times.

News & Alerts

Provide real-time and accurate study news and updates to reduce cycle time and errors.

Study Team

Contact directory for participants to understand contacts and roles and get answers faster.

Knowledge articles

Study coordinators can easily upload knowledge resources and documents directly into the Investigator Portal ― no need to email, scan, fax or snail mail documents.

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