Agile Portfolio Management

Bring real-time visibility to agile delivery.


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Agile Portfolio Management

Cloudbyz Agile Portfolio Management solution helps organizations gain visibility, agility and innovation and help scale Agile delivery across IT organizations. The solution provides the tools to properly align resources, projects, and goals, optimizing business strategy and performance. Cloudbyz Agile Portfolio Management enhances decision-making, maximizes speed to market and increases operational efficiency.

For organizations that would like to scale Agile delivery framework across organization, Cloudbyz Agile Portfolio Management provides tools, frameworks and best practices to help adopt and scale Agile practices. With the Cloudbyz solution, real-time visibility gives stakeholders reliable information about the status of projects in motion and allows executives to confidently allocate resources to future development projects.

Cloudbyz Agile Portfolio Management provides real-time visibility into the current state of organizational initiatives, resources and spending through the centralized collection of data from multiple sources and perspectives. Integration across multiple business and IT process domains through PPM functions provides multi-dimensional views of this data for better visibility and understanding of new features delivery and operations management.

Product Features

Project Management

Align and manage product with business and portfolio strategy to bring new innovations and products to market faster with iterative and continuous delivery.

Release Roadmap

Define and manage business and technology release roadmap and track consistent and efficient delivery across portfolio.

Product Management

Ability to track and manage product features and components. Features and components can be tracked for both projects and applications.

Release Management

Ability to define and track release plans and release cycles including deployment management which is also linked to effected applications.

Agile Delivery

Ability to manage project using Agile Methodology with SPRINTS, Epics, User Stories and Tasks and measure burn-down and velocity.

Continous Delivery

Ability to define and manage continuous delivery with develop, build, test, deploy and release with release and sprint planning and tracking.

Resource Management

Ability to define and manage resources and Agile teams, track efficiency, cost and velocity and enable teams to be productive.

Agile with Operations

Align project delivery with applications and infrastructure to get visibility on what applications are getting impacted to measure investment.


Tracks the aggregate costs and work for a portfolio item, enabling detailed tracking of total cost of ownership and visibility into resources as an investment type.

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