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Cloudbyz eCOA (Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) solution supports electronic clinical-outcome data capture with data quality and compliance adherence. This includes ePRO and eDiary functionalities as well.

Cloudbyz ePRO solution facilitates real-time, digital capture and storage of patient-reported outcome data (even from wearable medical devices) with patient-centricity at its core. Our solution is multi-gadget friendly, supports time-sensitive data collection with multi-language feature, enables upload of multimedia content for better patient education, and much more.

The solution enables automated notification and gives real-time alerts to averse to any adverse events and deviations. eDiary facilitates data entries on handheld devices like tablets, etc.

The availability of ePRO and EDC together enables a centralized view of all clinical and patient-reported data resulting in an accelerated study build time. It ensures flexible workflows to support both remote and on-site clinical trials.

Product Features

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Visualize Data in Real-Time

Gain access to better transparency in operational reporting with real-time insights on patient-reported data and records through different interactive dashboards and data visualization reports.

Participant Centric
Template Based
API Enabled

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