Investigator Portal

Collaborate in real-time with sites and sponsors, manage essential documents, and achieve efficiency all from one location.


Investigator Portal

Clinical trial sponsors and research sites are required to use many different websites and maintain multiple login accounts to perform clinical trial responsibilities and communicate with study sponsors. Investigators and site personnel spend hundreds of hours performing redundant tasks across multiple sponsors and systems. Most trial technologies hinder investigator efficiency and breed frustration.

Cloudbyz Investigator Portal provides a single platform to deliver content and services to Investigator Sites, and provides a single point of access for interaction with participating sites.

Product Features

Digital ISF Binder

Upload, version, route, and e-sign your regulatory documents. Configure your folder structure and save your favorite structures as templates. Track expiring documents and sign documents enabling easy and effective collaboration between sponsors, CRAs and sites.

Adverse Events & Protocol Deviations

Allow investigators and their teams to add Adverse Events & Protocol Deviations through the investigator portal. Notifications can be triggered for SAEs, real-time reports and dashboards can be generated to track AEs and PDs.

Delegation of Authority (DOA) Log

Cloudbyz has completely remodelled the DOA log process. With study team members working remotely, maintaining the paper based DOA log is particularly challenging.

Through the Cloudbyz system, you can build your own delegation log, create the study specific roles and responsibilities, and easily assign these responsibilities based on the study role. Have your site team sign the DOA log electronically directly from the system and upload completed DOA to the eTMF. For sites who prefer wet ink signatures, the DOA log can also be generated in a PDF/ printable version and sent to the sites via email directly through the system.


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Investigator portal is offered as a function within the Salesforce built Cloudbyz CTMS. This portal solution offers a cloud-based centralized portal/platform for clinical trail content sharing, adverse events and protocol deviation checks, effective collaboration and communication between investigators, CROs, sponsors and sites.