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Cloudbyz eConsent replaces the paper-based informed consent document with interactive, multi-media enabled, and template-driven informed consent on mobile devices. The Cloudbyz eConsent solution includes interactive multi-media approaches for the presentation of information and feedback mechanisms to test and reinforce participant comprehension.

In addition, this informed consent solution offers CROs, sponsors, and sites the chance to review materials as often as they wish, giving them time to reflect on their choices over time. Smart features include bookmarking of any aspects of the study they may wish to discuss further.

Product Features

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Users can introduce flexibility for uploading multimedia content in the informed consent agreement for study participants to expand the scope of eligibility testing for clinical trials.

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Template Based

The focus on templates serves as a helpful factor in setting up the proper sequence of items required in an electronic consent form with reference to best practices followed in the industry.

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lnteractive User lnterface

Patients could easily navigate all the sections of the informed consent form followed by flexible support for asking questions or saving the changes in the consent form for resuming afterwards.

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Document Management

Users could leverage the benefit of compatibility with electronic signature solutions alongside conversion of eConsent responses into electronic documentation, without errors in paper consent.

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Real-Time Management

Cloudbyz has prominently focused on facilitating the functionalities of real-time visibility and reporting to offer better transparency for patients in reading and understanding consent documents.

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The support for working on multiple devices such as phones, tablets, desktops and many more is a striking highlight of Cloudbyz eConsent solution that improves flexibility for patients and study team.

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Cloudbyz eConsent / informed consent replaces the paper based informed consent document with cloud-based digital, interactive, multi-media enabled informed consent on mobile devices. This enables a transparent rational and template-driven informed clinical trial process among CRO, sponsors and sites.