lT Business Management

Manage lT teams in one place and make decisions faster.


lT Business Management

Cloudbyz lTBM solution helps organizations gain visibility, insight and control across all work. The solution provides the tools to properly align resources, projects and goals; optimizing business strategy and performance. Cloudbyz ITBM enhances decision-making, maximizes resource utilization and increases operational efficiency.

Organizations that don’t have tightly integrated PPM, Financials, Resources, ALM and APM typically collect data through meetings, e-mails and other manual methods, then copy or paste it into the PPM system. This approach is slow, error-prone and unnecessary. With the Cloudbyz solution, real-time visibility gives stakeholders reliable information about the status of projects in motion and allows executives to confidently allocate resources to future development projects.

Cloudbyz ITBM provides real-time visibility into the current state of organizational initiatives, resources and spending through the centralized collection of data from multiple sources and perspectives. Integration across multiple business and IT process domains through PPM functions provides multi-dimensional views of this data for better visibility and understanding of resource supply versus project (and other work) demand in IT and other project environments. Cloudbyz ITBM also enables executive action and decision making.

Product Features

Demand Management

A solid project intake process enables work and project requests in an organized fashion. Manage and prioritize demand from budget and resource availability.

Governance Risk & Compliance

Monitor & evaluate assessment activities, quickly publish compliance reports, and meet compliance requirements faster.

Project Portfolio Management

Projects are categorized as Run, Grow or Transform based on strategic impact. Run projects are core operations. Grow projects enhance existing capabilities. Transform projects are those that provide an advantage to an organization.

lT Budget Management

Combines the ease of early-stage budgeting through top-down allocation with the accuracy of true cost and true benefit analysis for portfolio performance assessment.

lT Financials Management

Manage IT financials covering planning, budgeting, both operational expenses and capital expenses and track and align with IT planning and budgeting.

lT Cost Optimization

Tracks the aggregate costs and work for a portfolio item, enabling detailed tracking of total cost of ownership and visibility into resources as an investment type.

Project Management

Manage projects in Waterfall and Agile, which helps your organization streamline the management of strategic initiatives by allowing you to effectively manage projects, resources & budgets.

IT Service Management

Provide real-time visibility on IT Service Management via integration with ITSM and HelpDesk applications and align IT operational process and costs to overall IT Business Management.

Resource Management

Ability to start at multiple planning levels– Analyze and compare skill sets, levels of proficiency, projected resource utilization. Real-time visibility on resource supply, demand & utilization.

Asset Management

Ability to track task assignments to project team members. Project team members will be able enter time and expense for assigned projects and tasks. Costs are rolled up to project and portfolio level in real-time.

Vendor Management

Gain visibility on vendor management, SLA, spend and value across IT covering hardware, software and resources and align with IT strategy and business goals.

Reports & Dashboards

Tracks the aggregate costs and work for a portfolio item, enabling detailed tracking of total cost of ownership and visibility into resources as an investment type.

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