R&D Project Portfolio Management

Gain visibility, insight, and control across research and development portfolios.


R&D Project Portfolio Management

Cloudbyz R&D Portfolio Management solution helps organizations gain visibility, insight and control across research and development portfolios. The solution provides the tools to properly align resources, projects and goals, optimizing business strategy and performance. Cloudbyz R&D PPM enhances decision-making, maximizes resource utilization, and increases operational efficiency.

Organizations that don’t have tightly integrated PPM typically collect data through meetings, e-mails and other manual methods, then copy or paste it into the PPM system. This approach is slow, error-prone, and unnecessary. With the Cloudbyz solution, real-time visibility gives stakeholders reliable information about the status of projects in motion and allows executives to confidently allocate resources to future research & development projects.

Cloudbyz R&D PPM provides real-time visibility into the current state of organizational initiatives, resources and spending through the centralized collection of data from multiple sources and perspectives. Integration across multiple research and development process domains through PPM functions provides multi-dimensional views of this data for better visibility and understanding of resource supply versus demand in research & Development. Cloudbyz R&D PPM also enables executive action and decision making.

Product Features

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Portfolio Management

This solution will help track the total cost of ownership along with resource visibility. It helps identify and manage risks, schedules & cost of business operations based on reporting & analytics.

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Project Management

Use our effective solutions to ensure seamless project management for diverse business. Sorting the project priority with efficient management aspects is easy with our list-view features.

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Budget Management

Early-stage budgeting is essential for the smooth running of the business. Budget management with our solutions can result in high-end performance assessment by planning out the investment budget.

Portfolio Selection
Business Case
Scenario Planning
Strategic Management
Configurable Management
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Resource Management

Resource management capabilities of our productive solutions will help visualize the departmental workloads and progress of different on-going projects to reallocate resources for better outcomes.

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Risk Management

Risk management solution is essential for businesses to identify risks & issues within projects for better execution. It allows managers to improve the potential of the project to maximize productivity.

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Reports & Dashboards

The dashboard integrated to this solution is for allowing managers to control portfolio pipeline & prioritize projects, according to milestones stated. The metrics will be recorded in real-time.

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