Electronic Trial Master File

Manage essential trial documents, stay inspection ready, and collaborate real-time with study partners.


Electronic Trial Master File

Cloudbyz offers Clinical Trial Management on the Salesforce 1 cloud platform for sponsors, clinical research organizations (CRO), hospitals and medical centers. Cloudbyz CTMS is flexible and scalable to enable, manage and collaborate on clinical trial operations while the intuitive, straightforward design allows rapid deployment with a very intuitive and easy to use cloud based solution. Cloudbyz CTMS helps to manage sites, enrollment, documents, events, milestones, site visit reports, finances, inventory, etc.

Cloudbyz CTMS enables a centralized trial management database for all investigators, provides users with relevant and timely information, delivers trial information to clinical research associates and managers, enables clinical trial sponsors to collect and track all relevant data and facilitates communications to the study team.

Product Features

DIA Structure

Based on the DIA Reference Model. Using this model will increase efficiency and provides a central location for all required TMF documents.

Drag & Drop Upload

Drag and drop one or more files from your desktop/laptop to upload files to selected eTMF folder.

Document Approval

Eliminate manual paper handling tasks by automating the acquisition, classification, indexing and archiving of docs, email and medical images.

Generate Document

Generate documents in CTMS such as site green light process, protocol deviation, adverse events and trip reports and save to eTMF by click of button.

Flexible Platform

Supports standards-based technologies to facilitate interoperability with existing systems. Open architecture.

Work Anywhere

Freedom for your clinical trial workforce with support for Windows PCs and Apple Mac OS. Securely access records online.

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