Patient Recruitment

Streamline processes, collaborate with study partners and accelerate recruitment.


Patient Recruitment

Recruitment is a complex process involving not only patients but also physicians, sponsors, trials professionals and research staff. Hindered by tight timelines and often fragmented communications, recruitment rates can be disappointingly low.

With the Cloudbyz patient recruitment solution, we help you streamline processes to achieve faster, more accurate timelines and accelerate patient recruitment.

Product Features

Patient Portal

Patient self registration and privacy settings. Ability to search for areas of interest, including their own medical concerns and loved one, or to gain a greater understanding of clinical trials prior to taking action.

Researcher Portal

All parties choose to opt-in, details such as specific study personnel contact information, number of subjects enrolled in a given trial and at a given site, the follow-up timeline and other pertinent information.

Private & Secure

The trial or study information presented on a site depends upon the opting-in and privacy settings of different parties into the system, allowing patients, physicians and researchers to determine their levels of data sharing and involvement.

Study Details

Study-specific page presents information about the study’s performance at sites across the sponsoring company. Site-specific details include downloadable consent forms and study synopsis from the principal investigator.

Study Website

Create branded study specific web pages, microsites and landing pages with self assessment tools and registration right on the platform which does not require additional hosting or software.

Patient Education

Patient education includes a historical background relevant to aspects of clinical trials, key term definitions, communicating expectations and other frequently asked questions.

Campaign Management

Cloudbyz patient recruitment solution provides the ability to manage campaigns with multiple media channels and track performance..

Budget Management

Provides capability to plan and manage budgets to track how budgets are being utilized by each channel, as well as track performance by channel.

Social Media Campaigns

Provides the ability to publish recruitment campaigns to more than 15+ social media channels and track performance and response from each channel.


Semi-open forum for patient-research-physician communications. These communications may be public “posts” or private “messages” depending on the format in which they are submitted.

Pre Screening

Provides templates based questionnaires that can be customized for each study and configurable rules to determine eligibility.

Site Referrals

Provides the ability to manage site referrals and generate secure documents which can be sent to sites along with referrals.

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