Human Bio Sample Management

Robust and powerful laboratory sample and kit management digital solution


Human Bio Sample Management

Cloudbyz Human Bio Sample Management is an end-to-end solution that is completely customizable per the requirements of a clinical study. It is a cloud-based solution designed to be simple while providing powerful sample and kit management capabilities and characteristics. It allows for collaborative studies, electronic sample requisition forms, data clarification forms and inventory management.

Product Features

Study Management

Set up studies according to protocol requirements and easily access details such as phase, type, cohorts, therapeutic area, indication, outcomes, eligibility criteria, number and type of samples and the type of ancillary supplies needed for a trial.

Site Management

Create, track, and evaluate clinical sites directly from the Cloudbyz Human Bio Sample Management solution. Enables source records to be stored directly within the system, eliminating the need for binders with logs of all study related communications. It also has the features to assess performance of the sites using various dashboards and reports.

Patient Management

Seamlessly integrate Cloudbyz HBSM to a patient portal and manage all activities related to sample management such as providing sample collection instructions and lab reports in addition to features such as ePRO, eConsent, patient Information sheets and screening results.

Kit Management

Order initial kit supplies, resupply orders and inventory monitoring at sites and depot, track shipments from kit production facilities to sites, forecast number of expected kits needed on a periodic basis for a specific study and for a group of studies and flag kits that are expiring soon.

Sample Management

Track samples through their entire life cycle in the lab. Define your sample types and sources with customizable metadata. Forecasting based on study visit plan. Automated turnaround time (TAT) calculation and associated notifications. Eliminate errors and reduce TAT with Electronic Requisition Forms.Track status of testing for each sample and assay type.

Shipment Management

Track shipments from orders to delivery and returns. Control the movement of products from depot to the site, Lab, processing facility and back. Ensure an uninterrupted kit supply and visibility of samples through the transit.

Query Management

Cloudbyz Query Management solutions provide efficient communication between sample accessioning and processing teams, data managers and coordinators. Features include automated query generation, posting the queries into the system, real-time notifications, review of site responses, reissuing/closing of the queries and generation of custom dashboards and reports for query tracking and metrics.

DCF Management

Issue data clarification forms directly from the system. Track the status and resolutions of the forms. Automate workflows, notification, and approval process. Maintenance of auditable record of all data clarifications. Track staff and site performance in creating and resolving the queries.

Sponsor Portal

Sponsors have oversight over the whole sample management process through the dedicated sponsor portal. Sponsors have access to features such as study updates, dashboards and reports, document sharing, queries and DCF status and site activation support.

Site Portal

Cloudbyz Investigator/site Portal solution provides a single platform to deliver content and services to clinical research sites. The features include Kit ordering, Kit tracking, Inventory Management, Automatic orders, threshold monitoring, queries, and data clarification form resolution. receive results and track sample testing and chain of custody. Collaborate with labs, monitors, CROs, Sponsors and other vendors, all from a single location.

Label Management

Restructure the entire labeling process from end to end while also reducing cost and time spent creating, managing, and printing labels. Merge all labeling tasks into one centralized, easy-to-use system. Eliminate mislabeling and product recalls with automated checks and validations.

Requisition Management

Move requisitions out of emails, scans, or manual entries. Enable sites to generate electronic requisitions with pre-filled information based on visit schedule. Generate unique barcodes from within the system. Transfer requisitions in real time and reduce data entry errors.

Report and Dashboards

Customized reports and dashboards to track various metrics. Visualize trends and key metrics such as turnaround times, number of queries, inventory statuses with powerful and intuitive dashboards. Filter key data in your reports or group and display in graphical charts.

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