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Cloudbyz has been recognised as a part of the Salesforce ecosystem

Cloudbyz has built innovative Clinical Trial Management solutions 100% native on the Salesforce platform. Cloudbyz has been driving the vision to help the clinical research industry to adopt and transform clinical research processes to be patient and investigator centric. With integrated capabilities covering CTMS, Study Start-Up, Patient Recruitment, eTMF, EDC, Safety and Pharmacovigilance built on single platform help clinical research organizations to achieve increase efficiency, real-time collaboration across clinical research teams and partners, reduce time and cost bringing therapy’s faster and save lives.

Cloudbyz clinical research platform is scalable, flexible, compliant and configurable which helps end-to-end process automation leveraging Salesforce platform capability.

Cloudbyz has been recognized as one of the top industry innovation and solutions to partner for the healthcare and life sciences industry. Getting listed under the Salesforce ecosystem in Bio-pharma & Diagnostics and Medical Device & Technology has effectively boosted the brand visibility of Cloudbyz

Cloudbyz is super excited to collaborate with Salesforce to bring innovative clinical research solutions to pharma, biotech, CRO and medical device customers to help achieve success in bringing therapies faster to market and save lives.

The Brand Name of Salesforce in Action

With almost 1.8 million customers contributing to Salesforce success and a 20% share in the global CRM market, Salesforce is definitely a name to reckon with in the field of customer relationship management and provides a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. 

The Salesforce ecosystem includes customers, developers, marketplace, and partners, built on the foundation of collaboration and comprehensive engagement. As a result, it has served the role of bridge between customers in the H&LS domain using Salesforce and many other independent solution providers. 

The Road Ahead for Us

Being listed as a partner in the Salesforce ecosystem in the Bio-pharma & Diagnostics and Medical Device & Technology categories. We are excited to be a part of the Salesforce ecosystem’s vision of taking healthcare and life sciences innovation forward. Cloudbyz is a part of the vision to create the Salesforce Health Cloud, which would serve as a comprehensive platform for healthcare and life sciences services. 

Our priorities in this collaboration would not only focus on visibility of our solutions but also on many other value advantages. As a member of the Salesforce ecosystem, we are committed to delivering desired functionalities for customers of the healthcare and life sciences sector on Salesforce with personalized interactions and measurable improvements in outcomes.

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At Cloudbyz, our mission is to empower our clients to achieve their business goals by delivering innovative, scalable, and intuitive cloud-based solutions that enable them to streamline their operations, maximize efficiency, and drive growth. We strive to be a trusted partner, dedicated to providing exceptional service, exceptional products, and unparalleled support, while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence in everything we do.


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