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Integrated IT Portfolio Management in Digital Age

As digital transformation reshaping the enterprises across the industries, IT leaders recognize the need to innovate more, manage uncertainty better and establish more agility. However, they have to do this while simultaneously running the business and hitting regular performance goals, which is where both traditional and agile capabilities are crucial.

But the current tools and technology enterprises use to manage are not ready to support digital transformation. Too many silo tools not providing enough transparency and visibility in timely manner impacting executive decision-making. Lack of social collaboration across geographically located teams impacting successful delivery of projects on time. No real-time visibility on IT investments, programs and IT operations and no end-to-end integrated view across IT. Lower adoption due to process disconnects and complex user interface, delay and lack of accurate data to make right decisions at the right time. Low productivity due to too much administrative tasks to create and maintain data in silo tools and assemble for executive reporting and finally, align with enterprise strategy and goals.

Digital transformation put a new set of pressures on the
IT organization as legacy IT delivery methodologies and tools struggle with the rapid testing, failing, learning, adapting, and iterating that digital product innovations require. As enterprises move into digital economy defined by new competitive parameters, many enterprises saddled with legacy business processes and technologies are stuck in the past. In order to compete in the digital economy, enterprises need to change the way their organizations operate, the tools they run on, and the products these companies deliver. Workers are becoming more mobile, organizations are becoming more collaborative, firms are connecting with their partners and peers via digital networks. As enterprises begin to adapt to the digital economy, they need all new underlying technologies to get them there.

Cloudbyz IT Portfolio Management built 100% native on Salesforce 1 cloud platform address these challenges by providing seamless integrated capabilities across planning, execution and operations. Cloudbyz ITPM, an integrated enterprise project portfolio management (PPM), application lifecycle management (ALM) and application portfolio management (APM) provides capabilities for traditional delivery model as well as agile to address needs of digital enterprise.

Cloudbyz ITPM provides 360° view and real-time visibility across IT planning, execution and operations and helps organizations to achieve agility, velocity, innovation and collaboration across IT and business and helping CIO and IT executives to better align IT initiatives with business.

In the digital age, the goal is to run the business operations while transforming for agility and innovation. Cloudbyz ITPM lets enterprises categorize projects, adopt mixed project and program practices, and leverage the appropriate talents, governance, and sourcing and cycle times. Cloudbyz ITPM built on digital technologies on leading Salesforce 1 cloud platform comes with integrated Chatter collaboration and Salesforce 1 mobile app helps enterprises to better prepared for digital transformation while helping to manage operations.

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