Cloudbyz Announces Cloudbyz ITPM on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

Cloudbyz today announced it has launched Cloudbyz IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees in a whole new way.

Cloudbyz ITPM is the next generation Cloudbyz IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) built 100% native on Salesforce platform. Cloudbyz ITPM delivers integrated, real-time and 360° view across IT planning, execution, operations and alignment with business.

Most CIOs and IT leaders today face challenges in getting real-time visibility to IT investments, programs and IT operations. IT resources are spending too much time on administrative tasks and documentation leading to significant productivity loss. Lack of collaboration across geographically located teams impacts successful delivery of projects and value. Silo tools do not provide enough transparency and visibility in a timely manner impacting executive decision-making and aligning IT to business goals.

For today’s organizations, rapid development and implementation of strategies and applications is critical to business success, yet few organizations are equipped with the tools necessary to speed time to market. Plagued by unclear priorities, misalignment of business objectives and organizational capabilities, uncertain resource availability, and lack of visibility on requirements, demand, and spend, most organizations constantly run behind the market. They suffer project delays and missed deadlines, resulting in lost market share and lost revenue, the downside of the fundamental axiom. While there is much focus on agile project development, there is little capability on agile management of the overall portfolio.

Built on the Salesforce1 Platform, the social, mobile and cloud platform built to transform sales, service, marketing and IT, Cloudbyz is currently available on the AppExchange at

Cloudbyz ITPM Key Features:
The next generation IT portfolio management powered by Cloudbyz integrates processes across IT planning, execution and operations. Cloudbyz ITPM provides end-to-end integrated capabilities across IT Investment management, project portfolio management, application lifecycle management and application portfolio management.

Cloudbyz ITPM captures, organizes and analyzes information about the application portfolio to drive business-based decisions such as Identify redundant, obsolete, unused or underutilized applications and software assets, Identify high-risk, high-cost applications and software assets, Identify opportunities for consolidation, development and investment, based on business needs, mapping of business capabilities, process to applications and infrastructure and assets.

In addition, Cloudbyz ITPM provides capability to create target application portfolio answering: what applications will be retired, will be sustained, will be consolidated, should be enhanced, should be replaced, should be migrated to cloud or re-hosted and helps to create detailed roadmap for change and execute and monitor transformation progress.

Comments on the News
● “With the next generation IT Portfolio Management on cloud, we’re making it easier than ever for CIO and IT leaders to plan, execute and operate IT strategies and align with business and support organizations to be more agile, innovative and reduce time to market,” said Dinesh Sheshadri, Founder and CEO, Cloudbyz Inc. “CIOs and IT leaders now have the ability to align IT initiatives and operations to business objectives and help organizations to monitor execution and operations in real-time, and this is driving the transparency, efficiency and productivity.”
● “Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world,” said Ryan Ellis, VP, Product Management, Salesforce1 Platform & AppExchange, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Platform, Cloudbyz provides customers with the proven social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate business success.”

About Salesforce AppExchange
Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading enterprise apps marketplace that empowers companies to sell, service, market and engage for the Internet of Customers. With more than 2,700 partner apps and more than 3 million customer installs, it is the most comprehensive source of social, mobile and connected cloud apps for business.

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About Cloudbyz
Cloudbyz is focused on building and delivering innovative enterprise and industry applications on cloud platform.
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