Cloudbyz Partners with Odaseva to Provide Enterprise Data Protection Services

Naperville, Illinois – April 6, 2023: Cloudbyz, an innovative digital clinical research solutions provider, today announced a new partnership with Odaseva, the leading Enterprise Data Protection Platform built specifically to address the needs of the largest Salesforce customers. Cloudbyz offers a range of clinical research management solutions that are integrated with various clinical trials processes, connecting them internally and externally with stakeholders from the life sciences, medical devices, and CRO sectors.

The joint partnership, powered by Cloudbyz Clinical Research Management Platform and Odaseva’s Enterprise Data Protection Platform for Salesforce, will provide data backup and archiving solutions for Cloudbyz’s applications for its customers. This partnership will enable all enterprises using cloud-based applications to address data management challenges of protection, privacy, and automation. 

The integrated solution will provide customers with a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved data protection and compliance: Odaseva’s data protection and compliance capabilities will enable customers to reduce the risk of data loss, data corruption, and data breaches.
  • Streamlined data management: The combined solution will provide customers with a unified platform for managing their data, eliminating the need for multiple tools and processes.
  • Increased visibility and control: The solution will provide customers with real-time visibility into their data and the ability to manage and control data access and usage.

“We are excited about our partnership with Cloudbyz,” says Philippe Richard, VP of Alliances, Odaseva. “Organizations committed to clinical research and focused on keeping their data protected and secure to the highest degree possible will benefit tremendously from this partnership. Together, we want to help enterprises in the healthcare and life sciences industry evolve and transform their data management capabilities to become more innovative, secure, controlled, and powerful.” 

“We are pleased to have partnered with Odaseva to bring this Enterprise Data protection platform to our customers,” says Dinesh Kashyap, CEO, Cloudbyz. “With this partnership, we can extend our digital clinical research solution capabilities to bring sustained value to our customers through a combination of innovation in technology, process, and resources. We intend to grow our joint offerings from transformation services to digitizing clinical research management operations globally.”

The Cloudbyz and Odaseva partnership is expected to deliver a range of benefits to enterprise customers, including improved data protection, streamlined data management, and increased visibility and control over data.

For more information about the Cloudbyz and Odaseva partnership and the integrated solution, please contact Cloudbyz or Odaseva directly.

About Cloudbyz

Cloudbyz is a leading provider of digital and unified clinical trial management solutions for organizations in the life sciences, healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. With a commitment to innovation, Cloudbyz empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance collaboration, and harness the power of data to drive growth and success. Cloudbyz is committed to creating a sustainable, low-carbon future by delivering a carbon-neutral cloud, operating as a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions company. For more information, visit 

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About Odaseva

Odaseva is the leading Enterprise Data Protection Platform for Salesforce. Designed by Salesforce data experts to handle large data volumes and complex data models, Odaseva offers Salesforce architects and platform owners the most powerful and secure tools available to solve the problems at the foundation of the Salesforce data value chain: Backup & Restore, Data Archiving, Data Compliance and Data Automation. Global enterprises leveraging Salesforce as a mission-critical application like Schneider Electric and Toyota rely on Odaseva to ensure business continuity, drive performance at scale, comply with regulations, and secure data operations with power and control. For more information, visit

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Pooja Sood
Manager, Marketing
Cloudbyz Inc.
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